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In this week’s episode, I talk to my friend, fiction writer Sam Slaughter, who I met back in 2014, when he wrote a little something about Denis Johnson's Jesus' Son for the show. We talk about his short story collection, God in Neon, his chapbook, When You Cross That Line (inspired by Florida Man stories), alcoholism, how we evolve as writers, and the Orlando writing scene.

Sam Slaughter
Photo by Oxley Photography 2014

plus Tom McAllister of Book Fight fame reads his personal essay, "A Brief History of World Travel (Part 8): Notes on Baltimore, MD."

Tom McAllister


God in Neon

When You Cross That Line

The Sheltering

Bastard Out Of Carolina


  • Check out Sam Slaughter's website.
  • Hear Sam read his essay about Denis Johnson's Jesus's Son back on episode 119.
  • Or hear Sam read his essay about his misadventures in brewing beer back on episode 126.
  • Or hear Sam reads his essay about helping himself to some sacramental wine as part of our Repeal Day 2014 show back on episode 129.
  • Read the text of A Brief History of World Travel (part 8) - Notes on Baltimore, MD, or check out Tom McAllister's other essays in this series, and his other work, on his website.
  • Consider pre-ordering Tom McAllister's forthcoming novel, The Young Widower's Handbook.

Young Widowers HandbookListen to the music of The Bambi Molesters.


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