The Drunken Odyssey with John King: A Podcast About the Writing Life

On episode 40, I talk to the poet Tony Hoagland,

Tony Hoagland

Plus Bob Lamb Explains How Ernest Hemingway saved him from Rendition.

Bob Lamb

Texts Discussed

Sweet Ruin

Donkey Gospel

What Narcissism Means to MeReal Sofistikashun

Unicorproated Persons in the Late Honda Dynasty

Stupid HopeArt Matters Hemingway

Complete Stories of Hemingway

Show Notes

This episode begins with a limerick written and read by Chris Booth, in honor of our pal Steve Kelly:

Just a few, and Steve's eyes 'gan to wander;
Then day next he was mute and a-ponder:
When he saw where he woke,
In sad tones, thus he spoke:
"It's Absinthe makes the heart to grow fonder."
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