The Drunken Odyssey with John King: A Podcast About the Writing Life

On this week’s show, I present TDO’s Repeal Day party, starring Robert Cassanelo, Mark Pursell, Hunter Choate, Leslie Salas, Anna King, Dan Lauer, and Teege Braune!

City Fish

The venue (photo by Leslie Salas)

2013-12-05 20.24.20 Preshow

Robert Cassanello, preparing to read the opening piece (photo by Leslie Salas)

2013-12-05 20.55.57 Mark

Mark Pursell on his long ago teetotaling days (photo by Leslie Salas)

2013-12-05 20.37.57 Pint

Ah (photo by Leslie Salas)

2013-12-05 21.20.14 Hunter

Hunter reads a ghost story told over vodkas (photo by Leslie Salas)

2013-12-05 20.52.55 Crowd

City Fish was a wonderful location (photo by Leslie Salas)


Anna King versifies on drinking Granadas at the Marriot Marquis (photo by Leslie Salas)

2013-12-05 21.29.07 Dan

Dan Lauer about a binge with the owner of the Murder Museum (photo by Leslie Salas)

On my third drink, I am finally smiling (photo by Leslie Salas)

On my third drink, I am finally smiling (photo by Leslie Salas)

2013-12-05 21.45.13 Madison

Madison Bernath contemplates a world in which the repeal never happened (photo by Leslie Salas)

2013-12-05 21.50.25 Teege

Teege takes it home (photo by Leslie Salas)


The Heaven of Animals, the forthcoming collection from friend-of-the-show David James Poissant, is available for pre-order. Please support the launch of his book, which is wonderful reading.

The Heaven of Animals

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