The Drunken Odyssey with John King: A Podcast About the Writing Life

This week, I speak with Rachel Kolman about her immersion in creative non-fiction and her writing life after her UCF MFA.

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This week, I speak with my occasional co-host, Rachel Tillman about Don Marquis's Archy & Mehitabel, a series of narrative poems written by a cockroach.

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This week, I speak with literary biographer Miranda Seymour about the extraordinary career of Jean Rhys.

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This week, I am happy to present a bootleg edition of the Loose Lips reading series, hosted by Dianne Turgeon Richardson and Tod Caviness, with readings by Rachel Kolman, Samantha Nickerson, moi, Holly Tavel, and Brian Crimmins.

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On this episode, I speak with Disney historian Jamie Hecker about the relationship Walt Disney and the Disney Company have had with Washington D.C.

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