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On this week’s show, I catch up with Jason Croft about the continuing evolution of pin up and burly-q culture, Bunny Yeager's legacy, the awesomeness of Medusirena, writing for pulp magazines, the joys and struggles of editorship, and the 10th anniversary of Bachelor Pad Magazine, where some of my work has been published.




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On Sunday, August 13th at 3 PM, join me and the other authors of Other Orlandos to celebrate its book launch!

Other Orlandos

Episode 273 of The Drunken Odyssey, your favorite podcast about creative writing and literature is available on iTunes, or right click here to download.


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On this week’s show, I talk to fiction writer, Shasta Grant, the Kerouac House resident from the spring of 2017.

Shasta Grant


Shasta's chapbook is now available from Split Lip Press.

On June 16th, I am hosting a fundraiser for the S.A.F.E. Words poetry slam at Writer's Atelier.

On July 28th, I am hosting a reading by Jaimal Yogis at the Kerouac House.



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In this week’s episode, I talk to J. Bradley about his new novel, Jesus Christ, Boy Detective,

Jesse Bradley

plus Tom McAllister reads his essay, "A Brief History of World Travel, Part 6."

Tom McAllister Alaska


j_bradley-jesus_christ_boy_detective-front_coverFR_40_1 - front cover


  • For those of you who'd like to read "A Brief History of World Travel, Part 6," or follow Tom McAllister in general, go here.
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In this week’s episode, I share a recording of latest Best Of show in Jesse Bradley’s prose reading series, There Will Be Words, in which I was a reader, along with Tom Lucas, Jared Silvia, and Karen Price.

TWBW Jesse
J. Bradley. Photo by John King.
Photo by Shawn McKee.
John King. Tom Lucas is at crotch height. Photo by Shawn McKee.
Tom Lucas. Photo by Shawn McKee.
Tom Lucas. Photo by Shawn McKee.
Jared Silvia. Photo by Shawn McKee.
Jared Silvia. Photo by Shawn McKee.
Karen Price. Photo by Shawn McKee.
Karen Price. Photo by Shawn McKee.


If you live in the City Beautiful, that is Orlando, come see me collaborate with others in The Pink Fire Revue on Saturday, June 4th.

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In this week’s episode, I interview the creative nonfiction writer Sarah Viren,

Sarah Viren

Plus Amy Oestreicher writes about a book that changed her life.

Amy Oestreicher B&W 2006


Sarah Viren's My Murderer's Futon.

The Courage to Heal













Learn more about Sarah Viren here.

Learn more about Amy Oestreicher, including upcoming dates of her one-woman show, Gutless and Grateful, here.

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In this week’s episode, I interview the poet J. Scott Brownlee,

J Scott Brownlee

plus Dan Lauer reads his memoir essay, "Helen of Troy."

Dan Lauer

Requiem for Used Ignition Cap

Sex Drugs and Cocoa Puffs

Break Every Rule


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In this week’s episode, I interview fiction writer Mary Gaitskill, and share her reading from Miami Book Fair International,

Mary Gaitskill

plus Beverly Army Williams and I discuss Mary Gaitskill's new novel, The Mare.



The MareVeronicaNOTES

Check out Beverly Army Williams's site, Mothershould.

Litlando-PosterGet tickets for Litlando here.

The music used in this show was by Michael Hearst. "Alprazolam" (Songs for Fearful Flyers) and "Nicht Lustig Fight" (Film Music and Other Scores, Vol. 1) appeared in the opening, and "Theme From Magic Camp" (Film Music and Other Scores, Vol. 1) at the close.

Check out his wonderful music.

Film Music and Other ScoresSongs for Fearful FlyersIf you live in Orlando, check out Orlando Shakespeare Theater's 2016 production of The Tempest.

Greg Thornton (Prospero) and Lisa Wolpe (Antonia) star in Orlando Shakespeare Theater’s production of William Shakespeare's The Tempest. (Photo by Luke Evans.)
Greg Thornton (Prospero) & Lisa Wolpe (Antonia) in OST's The Tempest. (Photo by Luke Evans.)
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In this week’s episode, I interview Mary Karr,

Mary Karr

and share her talk at Miami Book Fair International 2015, plus I share a Miami Bookfair Event I was in,

Tiffany Razzano's Saved by the Sunshine State.

Tiffany Razzano
Tiffany Razzano ruling over The Swamp!


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In this week’s episode, I interview my occasional co-host Vanessa Blakeslee about her new novel, Juventud,

Photo by Ashley Inguanta.
Photo by Ashley Inguanta.

plus James Stewart III writes about how reading David Foster Wallace's Infinite Jest changed his life.

James Stewart III



Infinite Jest


Come see Vanessa on book tour, including her upcoming appearance on October 18th in the Sunday Salon series with Orlando Ferrand, Anu Jindal, and Asali Solomon. The reading starts at 7 P.M. at Jimmy's #43 at 43 E 7th Street, NY, NY.

Vanessa Blakeslee Book Tour

Svetlana Alexievich has won the Nobel Prize in Literature.
Elvis, the king cobra who has roamed Orlando for the last 5 weeks, has been found.

In turns out, Publix Supermarkets don't recycle human skulls.

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In this week’s episode, we have a roundtable discussion of Edgar Allen Poe.


Present for this discussion were Jared Silvia,



Shawn Whittington,


Dianne Turgeon Richardson,


Matt Peters,


and Teege Braune,


Jared, put THAT damned knife away.
So you're saying my thesis isn't solid? Really?



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