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On this week’s show, I catch up with Jason Croft about the continuing evolution of pin up and burly-q culture, Bunny Yeager's legacy, the awesomeness of Medusirena, writing for pulp magazines, the joys and struggles of editorship, and the 10th anniversary of Bachelor Pad Magazine, where some of my work has been published.




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On Sunday, August 13th at 3 PM, join me and the other authors of Other Orlandos to celebrate its book launch!

Other Orlandos

Episode 273 of The Drunken Odyssey, your favorite podcast about creative writing and literature is available on iTunes, or right click here to download.


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Henry Hughes

On this week’s show, I talk to the poet and memoirist Henry Hughes about how to get over rejection, poetry, the freedom of ekphrastic work, memoirs, and fishing,

Plus Todd Boss reads his poem, "One of the Joys of Dry Fly Fishing."





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In this week’s episode, I curate more blues music that has sustained me in this summer of working too hard.

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In this week’s episode, I talk with Curtis X. Meyer and Caleb Zachary Matthews about the Slam Nationals that Team Orlando will be attending, the upsides and downsides of Slam Poetry, plus they perform their work!

TDO Slam Summit.jpg Caleb Zachary Matthews, Raquel Henry, John King, and Curtis Meyer.



  • Help send Sherdes Leona, Caleb Zachary Matthews, Faith Elizabeth, Curtis X. Meyer, & Kira Calvaresi to the Slam Nationals here.
  • On July 28th, I am hosting a reading by Jaimal Yogis at the Kerouac House.


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In this week’s episode, I talk with Vanessa Blakeslee about Robert Paul Lamb’s Art Matters: Hemingway, Craft, and the Creation of the Modern Short Story. Five years in, TDO finally devotes a show to Hemingway, and Bob's discussion of Hemingway's craft is profoundly illuminating to how effectively extraordinary Hemingway's aesthetics were. I somehow manage not to tell the story how in my Purdue years, my roommates and I dubbed the more rustic of our two bathrooms as The Ernest Hemingway Memorial toilet, with a lot of great photos of Hem in it.



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Kathleen Rooney

On this week’s show, I talk to the poet and novelist Kathleen Rooney about the flaneur as geographic narrator of imaginative space, the aesthetic pleasures of walking, writing about New York City, the value of elderly characters, the dramatic provocations of history, and the structure of the novel of memory.


Lillian Boxfish Takes a WalkMrs Dalloway
Let the Great World Spin


All our Waves are Water


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Nathan Holic John King Contemporary

On this week’s show, I talk to my friend Nathan Holic, who is an Orlando writer and editor of the 15 Views of Orlando anthology series. While in situ at The Contemporary Resort, we discuss the stressors of theme park-going, the uses of such postmodern settings, and the odd counterbalances of melodrama and dark satire in Stanley Elkin's The Magic Kingdom.


Elkin The Magic Kingdom15 Views of Orlando


Contemporary Marry Cottles Room Mary Cottle's room? The equivalent of room 822 now, but perhaps not back in 1986. (No, we didn't knock on the door.)

Check out Nathan's books!

American Fraternity ManThings I Dont See - Comic CoverUCF

All our Waves are Water


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On this week’s show, I talk to fiction writer, Shasta Grant, the Kerouac House resident from the spring of 2017.

Shasta Grant


Shasta's chapbook is now available from Split Lip Press.

On June 16th, I am hosting a fundraiser for the S.A.F.E. Words poetry slam at Writer's Atelier.

On July 28th, I am hosting a reading by Jaimal Yogis at the Kerouac House.



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On this week’s show, I talk to Todd Boss, whose new book, Tough Luck, includes a poem sequence inspired by the disaster of the I-35W Bridge's collapse in Minneapolis,

Todd Boss

plus Malcolm Kelly reads his poem, "Visual Vignettes of Some Gay Shit."



Tough Luck.jpg



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In this week’s episode, I talk with Vanessa Blakeslee about Jhumpa Lahiri’s experiment in becoming an Italian writer, In Other Words.

Vanessa and John 2


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