The Drunken Odyssey with John King: A Podcast About the Writing Life

On this week’s show, I talk to Ryan Rivas and Nathan Holic about the publication of Forget How You Found Us: 15 Views of Orlando, Volume III,

Nathan and Ryan

plus I share readings from stories by Karen Best, Matt Peters, and Jonathan Kosik from the collection.


Matt Peters 2

Jonathan Kosik


15 Views Volume III


Learn about the great youth programs offered by Page 15 in Orlando.

Amazon is having a bad quarter, according to The New York Times.

Next month, Third Man Books, the new print publishing wing of Third Man Records, will release an anthology called Language Lessons, Volume 1.

Quentin Tarantino will be filming The Hateful Eight after all, according to Kurt Russell and the L.A. Times.

Check out the amazing surf rock revival of The Bambi Molesters.

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On this week’s show, I talk to writer, teacher, and advocate Pauline Hawkins,

plus Caitlin McDonnell writes about discovering her urge to teach, from a night spent in jail, in "The Capacity of Language to Make Us Less Alone."

Caitlin McDonnell


Harper Lee has contested any participation or approval in Marja Mills's new biography of her, according to The Guardian.

To learn more about Pauline Hawkins' radical way of teaching George Orwell's Animal Farm, read her blog here.

This episode proudly features the music of The Intoxicators.

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On this week’s show, I talk to the publisher of Beating Windward Press, Matt Peters,

Matt Peters

Plus Stephen Scully writes a memoir essay about meeting two baseball legends.

Stephen Scully


American Fraternity Man

boat girl

The Snuff SyndicateLeaving Little HavanaDoc Voodoo Aces and EightsDoc Voodoo Crossfire


The British children's book author Allan Ahlberg refused a lifetime achievement award due to its being sponsored by Amazon, according to The Guardian.



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On this week’s show, I talk to the fiction writer Boris Fishman,

Photo by Rob Liguori
Photo by Rob Liguori

Plus Lisa Korthals shares her essay about reading Lolita as a child.

Lisa Korthals


A Replacement Life


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