The Drunken Odyssey with John King: A Podcast About the Writing Life

In this week’s episode, I talk to myself and share some music. Musicality affects my writing a lot. Perhaps I cherish sound since I nearly went deaf as a child. It took awhile for Sinatra to enter my imagination, but since taking up residency there, Frank hasn't left. So this mixtape is devoted to this man and his music, and a few other people along the way.

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In this week’s episode, I talk to the historian Julian Chambliss,

Julian ChamblissDmetri Kakmi writes about how reading Paul Bowles’s The Sheltering Sky taught him how to write about psycho-geographic dis-associations.


Ages Of HeroesSheltering Sky


Check out Julian Chambliss's site here.

Check out John Sims' site devoted to the Confederate flag project.

Check out the news coverage of the Flag Funerals Project by (in order of decreasing journalistic competence) WESH, WKMG Local 6, and WFTV.

Read The Association for the Study of African American Life and History's statement about the Massacre at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church here.

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In this week’s episode, I talk to fiction writer Shane Hinton,


Shane Hintonplus Sayantani Dasgupta writes about how Jules Verne’s Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea changed her life.


Sayantani DasguptaTEXTS DISCUSSED




Although of CourseNOTES


Tuesday, June 16th, is Bloomsday. Celebrate wherever you are by listening again to a bang-up, in-studio, Bloomsdaying production on episode 104,


Bloomsday 2014 Posteror if in NYC celebrate the day on which Ulysses is set in person with Colum McCann, Aedin Moloney, and quite probably Chris Booth at Ulysses Folk House.


Bloomsday NYC




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In this week’s episode, I talk to fiction writer and poet Stacy Barton,

Stacy Barton

plus Shawn Whittington writes about how The Hobbit changed his life.

Shawn Whittington 2

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