The Drunken Odyssey with John King: A Podcast About the Writing Life

n this week’s show, journalist & poet Tyler Gillespie & I discuss long-form journalism and the epic wildness and weirdness of Florida.

Photo by Elizabeth Lynch.[/caption]


Read Brandon Wolfe's essayabout Pulse.

Read John King's essayabout Walt Disney World's tragic alligator incident.

Learn about how Florida's governor will protect freedom at Florida universitiesby policing thought and banning race from all educational discussion.



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In this week’s show, Jeff Shuster (our glorious Curator of Schlock) kick off summer by discussing two vintage summer camp films released in a two year span, Ivan Reitman's Meatballs (1979) and Tony Maylam's The Burning (1981).

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In this week’s show, literary scholar Anahid Nersessian & I discuss John Keats, the potential for personal observations in academic work, the sexual politics of art, theme parks, and academic institutions, the dialectic of the indeterminacy & the permanence of art, & the scope of Keats’s personae.

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In this week’s show, I talk to the novelist Kathleen Rooney about finding the spark to begin stories, the shape for long-form narratives, and the whimsy to make discoveries along the way.

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